Saving Time and Money

By bringing together social landlords that are carrying out similar work, Cumbria Housing Partners can procure materials and labour in bulk, achieving economies of scale which cuts costs and saves time.


From new heating systems and gas servicing to external repairs and window replacement, whether for ongoing maintenance or investment projects, we source the best value products for our members. We help specify as well as source goods and services. Price is only one of the elements in the value equation, albeit an important one. We use a number of criteria to make sure we buy the right quality product, from the right source, with the right provenance for every contract.

We also keep a roster or framework of local contractors and suppliers.  In order to gain a place on a specific framework, every contractor has to go through a thorough quality checking process which is defined by the European Union. This ensures that social landlords who work with us can be confident that all work will be done to a consistently high standard and for the best possible price and specification. We also positively encourage the use of local contractors which supports the local economy and protects local jobs as well as creating new employment opportunities for Cumbrian people.

Cumbria Housing Partners offers a number of other services, including project management systems which streamline and simplify the entire process, from scoping the project to issuing the final e-invoices.

As a company limited by guarantee (a “not for profit” organisation) our contract management processes are transparent, which gives the organisations that work with us complete confidence and certainty at every stage.

Helping Local Businesses


Creating Long Term Job Opportunities

In addition to working with Social Landlords and Local Authorities, Cumbria Housing Partners has strong links with a number of local, regional and national trade and industry bodies such as the Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership, the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce, the Cumbria CVS, the Cumbria Community Foundation and the Ewanrigg Local Trust.

Works4You Carl Stainton

These relationships help us to fulfil our objective to improve the lives and futures of the people in our communities by shaping local agendas in favour of job creation and opportunities for some of the young people who have found it most difficult to secure work experience, practical skills and ultimately, a permanent position.

Our investment with contractors is used to create training and employment opportunities for our members’ tenants and their families. This can involve supporting training schemes in local colleges or negotiating new apprenticeships. For example, as part of the conditions of the framework, for every £1 million of work awarded, each contractor must create two new jobs or apprenticeships for local people.

Giving Residents a Voice

As well as supporting them in procurement, we also encourage our members to give their residents a say and get them involved in the process too.


Resident representatives are chosen from their local communities to sit on working groups alongside landlords, setting work priorities, helping to choose materials and products for projects, as well as interviewing and deciding on contractors to carry out the work.

This helps members and residents to build and maintain strong relationships with one another, and makes sure that any work carried out is fit for the long term and meets the needs of the people living in our member landlord homes, helping to improve their quality of life.

If you’d like more details about our work and would like to see some examples, head over to the Case Study Gallery .