Resident Involvement

Cumbria Housing Partners doesn’t just support its members in improving their housing, it’s also committed to making sure social housing residents in Cumbria are able to live in good quality homes.
Buying in bulk, we are able to make the most of members’ maintenance funds, so they can provide the best possible results across all of their properties.

Resident Representatives

But we do more than simply procure materials and labour, we get residents involved in the process too. This ensures that whatever work is carried out is fit for the long term and meets the needs of the people living there, helping to improve their quality of life.

This is why we encourage our members to have Resident Representatives. These are chosen from their local communities to sit on working groups alongside landlords, helping to choose materials and products for projects, as well as interviewing and deciding on contractors to carry out the work.


Resident representatives get involved in a range of issues, including:

  • Setting work priorities
  • Choosing materials and products
  • Selecting and reviewing suppliers and contractors

If you fancy getting involved, talk to your local housing officer.