Gas safety checks – keeping you safe

In this short video Frankie O’Keefe, from Cumbria Action for Sustainability, explains why annual Gas Safety Checks are carried out by landlords and why they are vitally important.

Gas safety checks must be carried out by your landlord once a year, it’s the law. It is important you allow the gas engineers into your home to carry out the check, by appointment.

Keeping You Safe

Keeping you, your family and neighbours safe is a prime concern; gas leaks and Carbon Monoxide build up can be fatal. By checking your boiler and other gas appliances are running safely and efficiently your landlord is keeping you safe.

If the engineers find any issues they will fix the problem. You may  find your appliances run more efficiently after the check- that will save you money and it is also be better for the environment too.

Cumbria Housing Partners has produced this video to provide information to tenants of all the partner landlords.