Cumbria Housing Partners (CHP) was established in 2008, to harness the opportunities provided by investment through the Decent Homes programme to deliver procurement efficiencies and social value for Cumbria.  Since that time, CHP has continued to support its members in their procurement activities, delivering savings and social value.

Ongoing consolidation in the social housing sector has reduced CHP’s membership from seven original partners to four current members and we anticipate that membership is likely to further reduce in coming years.  Following careful consideration of the strategic direction of the organisation, the Board of Directors has taken the decision to wind down the activities of the business.

The members of CHP believe that there can be mutual benefit for our customers in continuing to collaborate, but that this is best done through other channels.

This communication is to advise that CHP will cease its trading activities from 31st January 2020 and will be supported in managing the winding up of the company by our accountants, Dodd & Co., through a solvent liquidation process.
I know that CHP member landlords are busy finalising their individual and collaborative future procurement activities and this decision by CHP will cause minimum disruption to this future investment.

Current programmes of work with CHP members will continue as agreed through the existing contract arrangements and Procure Plus will continue to provide its services too.
The members and staff of CHP would like to thank you for your continued support.  Since 2008 we have together delivered savings, successful apprenticeship placements and funding grants to many community initiatives in Cumbria.

For further information please contact Lesley Dixon, Director, Cumbria Housing Partners at or 01228 635521.

Yours Sincerely,


John Clasper, Chair

Cumbria Housing Partners