Cumbria Housing Partners offers a range of products and services to its members, using our special collective procurement approach to buy materials and labour in bulk to cut costs.

We support members on a number of maintenance and investment projects to help keep their homes in top-notch condition.


These projects include:

  • New heating systems
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Doors and windows
  • Electrical fittings
  • External materials, like paving stones and roof tiles

Our Approach

When starting new projects, we follow a ten-step process so that we can be sure  everything we do meets their needs:

  • Scope – set product specification and quantities, and decide on deadlines
  • Kickstart meeting – agree details and team structure
  • Initial surveys – inspect houses to be worked on
  • Information for costs – complete target cost
  • Target cost issue – get member approval
  • Pre-contract meeting – meet with contractors and members to start contract
  • E-ordering – source materials for contractor
  • Pilot properties –begin work on one or two properties at first to ensure target cost is achievable
  • E-delivery – contractor approves delivery notes
  • E-invoicing – invoices passed for payment

Resident Representatives

As well as supporting them in procurement, we also encourage our members to give their residents a say. These Resident Representatives sit on advisory panels and working groups to decide on work priorities, select materials and choose contractors. This helps members maintain a strong relationship with their residents, and makes sure that any work meets residents’ needs.